Dynamic, interactive software where time - past, present and future - really comes to life.

Timeline Studio's timeline software creates the perfect template for simple or complex multi-layered timelines for business, education or leisure.

As you compile your timeline, our software will create the perfect framework to illustrate and explain your topic with maximum impact.
Time isn’t one-dimensional and neither is our unique multi-layering technology, which enables multiple detailed time frames with images.

Once created, your personal and powerful, content-rich timelines, can be viewed on your PC, or for a wider audience, uploaded on-line and added to your website. There is even a full museum mode for a public display.

Timeline Example Gallery    BC, Historical & Modern

View online timelines created with our timeline software.

These Examples show the key potential of the software, things like: 

  • The Layout styles
    Horizontal / Vertical axis.

  • The time periods covered
    BC, Historical, Modern, etc.

  • The layering structure
    Creation and use of ’ Views’.

  • Event content
    Additional Event detail, accessed by ‘click-thro’.

Timeline GalleryTimeline Gallery
The Software Specification   Uses & Features

Product information covering:

How the software works
What are the features
Why it will be useful to you.

The Product Spec
Features and attributes.

User Tips
11 Simple Must Read Points.

Awards & Accreditations
How others view our software.

How we can help you.

More Product Info
Understanding the software How to Use it

Product information covering:

How to Use the Software
When to Use the Software
Why to Use the Software.

Introduction Demo - An online help video and an interactive demo to give the look and feel for the software.


Simple Tutorial - A Simple Tutorial giving the basic key points which will give you an overview of the software

User Tips - A collection of 10 or so quick user tips based on user feedback.

Detailed Help - Here we explain each feature in detail.
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